LibreFarm is a piece of farm software that is free of charge. The software has been developed in collaboration with farmers, specifically to serve their needs. The software is suitable for cattle, sheep and goat farms. LibreFarm contains direct links to the authorities in charge of the Cattle, Sheep and Goat Register. The software quickly and effortlessly records birth, disposal and death registrations, as well as ear tag orders and the like.

LibreFarm also imports e-tags, e-tag readers and animal scales and the information recorded can be read on handheld readers. LibreFarm operates over the Internet so it doesn’t have to be installed on a computer and is easy to log into from anywhere in the world.


ProAbattoir is a piece of software designed for abattoirs. With such a programme an abattoir can receive electronic notification of animals ready for slaughter directly from the farmer using the free LibreFarm software. With this programme, informing the official authorities, making settlements of accounts, fulfilling EUROP classifications, compiling statistics and creating reports, can be carried out with ease. All reports and settlements of accounts can either be sent electronically, direct to LibreFarm by the farmer, or printed out on paper.

With the programme a unique QR code may also be printed out for packages, to provide consumers with information about the product in question. If you are interested in the programme, please contact our sales department here

Programmes are available in several language versions
Programmes can also be tailored to other farm types (pig, reindeer, camel, hawks...)

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